Assisted government and donor agencies design programmes on poverty reduction, social and educational development;
  Provided consulting advice to Government on poverty
reduction in the education, health and agricultural sectors;

Assisted government and partner agencies develop and
conduct research for sector wide programming;

  Conducted evaluations on education sector support, literacy, good governance and decentralization for DFID, USAID, and World Bank;
  Conducted gender and social analysis for development
programming in Africa;

Conducted research on education development, gender related issues, community development and poverty reduction;


Developed impact analysis and sub-regional resource guide on HIV/AIDS across West Africa for UNESCO and UNAIDS;


Developed sub-regional resource guide on HIV/AIDS and education;


Presented Conference Papers on Child Rights, Gender Equity, Poverty Reduction, HIV/AIDS and Educational Attainment in Africa; and

  Designed, and monitored projects in good governance, decentralization and poverty reduction.
    Changing the Lives of People through Social Research, Development and Policy Reform

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